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To My Grandkids,
       I talked about my plans and the universe eavesdropped.

     This week at the farm has been just as interesting as the rest. As always, we have been meting tons of beautiful people from all over the place, and getting the opportunity to listen to the stories that brought us to the same place. One guy specifically stood out to us, as he invited us to sit around the fire and chat (a propane one.. we're under a fire ban).  We sat and talked for a couple hours, telling of our travels, our memories around the world, and eventually getting to our futures. I brought up my blog and this website I have created, and we got pretty deep into it.
    I haven't gone public yet with what I want this website to turn into.. Actually I haven't done much with my goals at all on this website honestly... Mostly because I didn't even know what I wanted it to be. This guy, Matthew, opened up the floor for me to be completely open and talk BIG about what I want from SunGuided. At first, I had a very general statement- I wanted to 'help everyone, and express my love for yoga and wellness'.. Now.. If you've ever talked business, you know that is just about the shittiest business motto you could have. Seriously, I didn't even realize that was a problem until I said it out loud and immediately realized how vague and bland that is. Through a series of  'Who, what, why, and how' questions, he sorted my open and vague thoughts into a statement of what I want.
     I learned that as much as I love to help everyone, It's impossible to appeal to everyone in a business sense. I narrowed down my purpose of this website, realizing that what I really see for the future of SunGuided is exactly what I needed 2 years ago:
       I want to help young women like myself step into their full power, potential, and SELF LOVE through health, wellness and yoga. I want to show young women that they are STRONG and powerful, and that they are the only ones in charge of their life. I want to empower young women with the information they need to follow their wildest dreams, no matter what that may look like, and show them that NOTHING can stop them from living the life they desire- we all deserve that. 
I want this generation to learn how powerful they really are and OWN IT.
This is what I see for SunGuided, and I am going to make it happen. 

   I have been in the shoes of a young woman feeling defeated, hopeless, and out of control. I have felt the deepest depths of desire that make you want to cry because you crave change so badly. I know what it feels like to lack self love, and still try to pour into the cups of others while mine is dry. I have felt all the worst, lowest, most stuck feelings- and I learned how to pull my own self up when I need to. I learned how to refill my own cup through self love, and what it looks like to gain control back of my life.  I know what it takes to turn powerless into empowerment, and I want to be an inspiration  to those who need that kind of guidance. 

     I put those statements into the universe, I speak it into existence. The first time I said it out loud with the passion behind it that I have, It gave me chills.
In fact, the very NEXT MORNING from our fire conversation..  The universe put the ball right in my court. I got a private message from a young girl online who shared her story with me, and asked for advice in the exact areas I defined. Nothing is a coincidence- her name is Destiny. The universe makes me giggle :)
I see it, I feel it, I know it is mine. 
SunGuided is flourishing, and I am ready.
Here we go. 
Here we grow :)

Love always, 
Your strong, beautiful, successful, EMPOWERED, BADASS Granny J

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To My Grandkids,
     Cold Therapy, Breathwork, WimHoff...
      What's it about?
   Recently I've been very interested in watching videos of Wim Hoff. If you've never heard of him, he is an amazing being who is testing out the limits of what our physical and mental limits are. He has a method that is very well known, and has been studied and backed up by science. In a nutshell, Wim does a series of intense breathwork, causing his blood to be very oxygen saturated. This in turn activates certain chemicals in his brain to flow throughout the body, which prevents the body from focusing on stress. After gaining complete control and awareness of his breath, he subjects himself to extreme situations- whether it be ice baths, hiking up snowy mountains barefoot with only shorts on, or running a half marathon in the desert with no water- he endures through it with no problem. 
      Since I've been interested in it for a while now, I decided to give it a try. For the past 7 days, as soon as I wake up, I take a walk down to the creek, take some deep breaths, and get in. (Mind you, this water is runoff from Mt Hood above us, so it is COLD.) As soon as I get in, my survival instinct is to get OUT, or gasp and lose my breath.. But the science behind this is all in the breath, so I force myself to slow it down, filling my lungs slowly and deeply, then exhale fully, pulling more and more oxygen in my body slowly and completely focusing on the breath. After a few moments of breathing deeply, I gain control of the situation. My body shuts off the danger response as I continue to focus on the breath. Inhale, exhale, slowly but with power, I accept the cold as a lesson. I do this for several minutes, shooting for 3-5 before I take one last breath and step out. The step OUT is where euphoria really hits- I start laughing and jumping around, feeling FULL of energy, strength and power. I am overflowing with excitement- and feeling completely and entirely HERE in the moment. It feels exhilarating.
     I've only been a friend of the cold now for 7 days, but I am going to continue to indulge myself in discomfort in the mornings- It makes me feel ALIVE and ready for my day. Not only is this practice good for the BODY, but for the MIND as well.
​       As I continue learning more about my own mind, body, and soul, I will continue to share what I experience, hoping to influence others to be curious for their own well being.

Take risks,
push limits,
try everything.
Until we meet someday, Love always,
Your ice cold granny J :)

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To My Grandkids,
  Life in the mountains- nothing beats it.

     This past week at the farm has been so fun. Since we are a campground in a pretty popular area, we have sooo many different people passing through here. Every single day here is such an experience- there's literally never a dull moment.. especially since we're in Oregon..
     If you've never been to Oregon, it's BEAUTIFUL. The vibes here are incredible, and everyone you meet is so kind and conscious. Oregon is also known for the topic of bigfoot, aliens, spirituality, psychedelics, hippies, blah blah blah... All the cool things. 
     This week we had some very sweet souls pass through the farm. As soon as we checked them in, we got into the topic of our thoughts on aliens and sasquatch... Now, I'm a big encourager of being open minded on ANY topic, and also deciding what you believe based on how YOU feel, not how you're told to feel or think.. so.. do your own research and decide for yourself.. but also stay open to the idea that ANYTHING has the potential to exist- we truly don't know the limitations of existence.
     We ended up talking with this group off and on for the rest of the day and the next, coming out on the deck to have coffee with them in the morning. We talked about our spiritual beliefs and experiences we've had to solidify those beliefs.  Giving different perspectives on what/who/ the universe is and how it works. Just like how I felt in California when I met my soul family, these 3 lovely people fell in the same category- feeling familiar at heart, and the connection felt smooth and easy regardless of the fact that we had just 'met'. We ended up gathering 7 people that night in a circle in the yard to do a breathwork session together. The session was awesome, and for me personally brought a lot of truth to the surface to be released (which was very emotional).. We ended the night with some hugs and gratitude for the time we got to spend together at this wonderful place- I always get brought right to the people I am meant to be with (or they get brought to me).
     A couple nights later, all 7 of us who live here gathered in the living room for a little 'family party'. Our magickal friend Rose brought in some guitars, a kalimba, a keyboard, a microphone, and amps to hook it all up to.. (and a disco light for the ceiling which was the cherry on top!). For the next couple hours we shared drinks, fresh cherries, laughter, 'fairy spliffs' (an herbal mixture of flowers and medicinal herbs found around the property that have healing benefits.) stories, thoughts and beliefs, and time spent genuinely enjoying each others beings. It was such a lovely time, my heart felt full and blessed to be here. I am 100% exactly where I am meant to be- the universe has made that very clear. 
  This week has been all about keeping my mind, my heart, and my curiosity open. Honestly, those 3 things have the potential to change the world- think about it.
Think for yourself kid, that's the only way this world will change. 
   Maybe by the time you come around we'll know more about what's going on here, how did we get here, what is our purpose here... I've got my ideas, we'll chat over coffee some day  :)

Stay wild,
​ love always,
Granny J :)

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To My Grandkids,
     Finding peace in the small beautiful moments. 

     Lately at the farm, life has been pretty chill, and we've been able to spend a lot of time with a variety of different people. As far as life for Rosie is going... there's no update there. My lovely pink van baby is still broke down in Montana- which is insanely frustrating. Unfortunately it's completely out of my hands sooo... I'm being forced to be patient.. (something I'm still learning)..  As much as I want to say the situation doesn't bother me, it really does, and it's been a struggle in my mind going rounds about the details for a while. Yes the van itself is the main problem- but I haven't driven since, and I've been increasingly more anxious in the car than usual.. I know that many people have hit deer and been fine, but it shook me pretty hard to watch and feel the whole thing go down honestly. Not saying this as a pity party, but as a raw reflection of how this situation makes me feel on the daily- which sucks. 
    Enough about the sap story though- that's not what this is about.
    My mind is busy, yes yes, but I wanted to point out some moments I almost took for granted amidst these transition times.
     Last night, all 6 of us living here together gathered for pretty much the first time. We had dinner together a few nights before, but this is the first time we had all come together to really hang out. We had a card game going on, guitars being passed around, some eating dinner, and lots of laughter and love. In those moments of community is when I feel the most grateful. By some wonderful grace, we all ended up here together at the same time. Family seems to find me wherever I go, wether it is on a random beach in California with 20 barefoot vagabonds, in Montana with my forrest dwelling friends, or here on a farm amongst the muddy feet and deep laughs, it always finds me and hugs me tight.
     While I kick my shoes off and walk with adventure, I am most supported and grateful for the one my soul dances with. He walks around in perfect harmony with the sun on the soil, knowing his place here is valid and needed. He is strong and strong willed- mighty as the mountains. He has shown me endless love, and constantly reminds me of my own strength and power. He easily became my best friend, my motivator, my adventure buddy, my heart. I am so blessed. Every moment spent with him is a lifelong memory- may it be a midnight walk around a random town we've never seen, moving to a new state, almost sliding to our death on ice when I had my broken wing, or simply working in the garden together... 
These moments and people are so special. 
This life is so special.
These memories will never die.
I am forever grateful for the small beautiful moments.

This was kind of all over the place- but so is my brain right now :)
One of these days I will tell you these stories in person as we dance barefoot by our own river together, sharing the same special memories that I am loving. 
One of these days, I can't wait to meet you :)

Your forrest dwelling nana J 

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To My Grandkids,
​     We are free.
     Lately, I've been in a battle of my own mind. From lessons being shown to me, to growth forcing me out of my comfort zone, I have been thinking about A LOT.

     You know, I grew up pretty different from what I resonate with now. The lessons I learned from being in Missouri no longer reside in the space that is me. Since I started taking control of my life, my dreams, my passions, I have outgrown the roots of my upbringing, and that's GOOD. We are meant to change, meant to explore, meant to flow. We are not built to be stagnant- we are not built to resist growth.
     Looking back on the last couple years of my life, in the time I feel I truly met myself, I have only a few moments where I have seen the absolute truest version of myself. Last year in California, when we stayed on the beach and met a whole soul family of travelers- that girl dancing on the beach in the stars, trading crafted goods and life stories with strangers easy to fall in love with- that girl is FREE. Driving around the country, dangling my feet over the vastness of the Grand Canyon, singing with the trees and the moon glistening on my skin- that girl is a wild woman. Hiking with Liz, exploring our creators beauty through the whisper of the river, the warmth of the sun, and the eagle soaring high- that girl is WISE.
    There are moments when I meet her-  that girl is ME.
     I am the free, the wild, the wise.
     I am the strength, the love, the flow.
     I am the dance, and I am the wonder.
     I am FREE to express, feel, and be.

I am stepping into the beauty of ME. She is coming to the surface the more I grow, I see her feeling her power, and learning to express ALL the time, not just when the moment 'allows'. 
     I am so blessed to be here, I am so blessed to know myself as I do, and I am so blessed to be surrounded by the people I love, and who radiate it back. I am blessed.
​ Life is so good... One of these days you will get to see.
Love always, 
Your sunshine Granny J :)

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To my Grandkids,

     Currently sitting somewhere in the Oregon forest where we are surrounded by yurts, a communal house, a couple vanlifers, a communal bus, an amazing little tiny house, and 50 acres of free roam forest on the bottom of Mt. Hood...
Yea, we're doin alright :)
     After the situation with the van happened, we decided we wanted to chill somewhere for a little bit and make some money before hitting the road again, so we found a job in Oregon! We've been visiting some of Elliots friends around his hometown here and I got to meet his lovely family! Yesterday we took a float day on the river with some friends, super cool people!! We floated all day and throughout pure chaos and shenanigans, we somehow survived... Followed by a fun evening of meeting more friends and getting our butts whooped in a yard game.
     Today we drove a bit further into Oregon and got to the farm we are working at. We will be helping run some campsites, yurts, cleaning up the garden, and helping with general land maintenance. As soon as we got here, the vibes were so good, and the people were so friendly and welcoming! We were greeted by one of the other workers out here, and another lovely woman who lives in my dream tiny house- its gorgeous and GREEN (my favorite color)!! We are staying in a communal house with another couple who lives and works here, and 2 others that live in camper vans outside. When the owner of the farm got to the house to meet with us, we all sat outside on the deck and had a late night dinner together (coincidentally, at 11:11!!). We shared a couple laughs, drinks, and spent a bit of time getting to know each other. They are all so sweet!
     As I was reminiscing this morning on my past blogs, I started to feel a bit emotional for a couple different reasons.. 
One being that I am so genuinely happy with how blessed I am to experience this amazing life. Yes, the van situation sucks and has caused many tears and frustration- but it is a very small blip in a very amazing life that I have.. 
And two being that I am SO PROUD of myself.. I am proud of my growth as a person, my own ambition to make it happen for myself, and my willingness to try new things and get out of my comfort zone. Granted, it's not always easy, and a lot of  credit goes to Elliot for keeping me out of my comfort zone, but still! 
I. Am. So. Blessed. 
     We aren't even 24 hours into this experience yet and it has already been so fun.
I'm so excited to see where this journey takes E and I  :)

Your life is so precious- what's stopping you from living it to the fullest extent?
What's stopping you from taking that step?
What's stopping you?


I love you, I'll have so many more stories to share with you when you exist,
Your crayzee forest dwellling Granny J ;)

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To My Grandkids,

Life is... Still good..!
In these past couple weeks It feels like I've been put through the ringer honestly-
let me catch you up.

     About a month ago, I said goodbye to Lauren as we parted ways, once again stepping away to let distance live between us. Laci and I took an emergency trip to MO to spend time with family. As always, it felt so strange to be back there, walking the streets I grew up in with a whole new mindset. I got to see a couple very important mentors in my life, and got to spend some well needed time holding family close. Only a couple hours after hitting the road back home, the van started to get too hot.. So pull over and find a shop.. Thank god the mechanics were so helpful, rather than waiting 5 days to be back on the road they got us done in one. 22 hours later we pull into our driveway in Montana- making that 70 hours driven between Lauren, Laci and I.. 
     All winter my motivation was to get back on the road, working 2 jobs to save up and be able to be unemployed for a minute for some travel freedom.. Elliot and I recently built out the van and got it comfortable and ready to hit the road, planning to be gone for a couple months. After that week of unexpected travel though, we decided to push the trip back a bit, allowing some time to get a job and save up a little more cash. We had planned that as soon as I got back to Montana, we would load up and head to Oregon to work for a while. This being said, just as quick as I rolled into Montana we were packed back in the van and ready to roll out. 
     The first hour drive to our new journey was so beautiful. The sun was setting and it was raining lightly, leaving a beautiful hue of light dancing through the valley, up and over the mountains, and stinging the tips of pine trees above us. At one point, we were driving around the Flathead lake while the sun kissed the horizon- it was so amazing we had to pull over to take it in. I was so excited to be going again, no specific destination but the open road leading us from here. This is where I thrive.
    As we're driving to our camp spot for the night, I was finally feeling a break, an exhale from the last couple weeks of feeling overwhelmed and then- hahaha life isn't that easy all the time.
    Out of nowhere, a friggin dear is standing on the side of the road, looking at me before he makes the decision to keep going... boom.
Did I mention that after 20 years of never hitting a single animal in any car, this would be the second deer I hit in the last 2 DAYS.. That deer was done for, I was pushing 70 on the highway, no hope for him or the van. It was so frightening- not to sound too dramatic but car crashes are my worst fear, and here I am watching a deer get blown to smithereens by the van that is my home, my safe place, my traveling opportunity, my dream. Boom. Actually I'd say the DEER blew the VAN to smithereens. My front end is toast, the grill nonexistent, the coolant pouring out, headlight hanging on by a thread, my sanity dripping empty with every drop of fluid hitting the pavement. I was such a mess. My VAN!! Ugh that effin deer- it pisses me off so much. It would've been so nice if he would've just waited a SECOND before running.
     Anyway, there goes that plan.. Not to mention all the small puzzle pieces of other things that have been going wrong surrounding the situation- it's seriously one thing after another. 
     I can't complain too much honestly. The last year of my life has been the most exhilarating, fulfilling, dream chasing, easy going time ever- and I've sailed through so much growth without hitting any bumps. So I guess it's my time to get a couple lessons, It's necessary to keep moving forward. 
Life is a spiral. The cycles will come and go as you need them, I am open to the lessons this pain and frustration brings.
I am okay, and life is

Your Eternally Growing Granny J :)

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To My Grandkids,

     20,000 miles.
     In the last year, I have driven 20,000 miles.
     Amidst those miles, I have learned, grown, loved and been loved, cried, felt pain, walked through chaos, and felt complete bliss. Those miles represent growth to the fullest extent- pushing me off the cliff of comfort and out into the world where I am free. Free to roam, explore, meet people and connect with experiences and backgrounds from all over the world.  In the last year, those 20,000 miles changed my life.
     Recently I have been thinking a lot about all the different people I've met in my life. I'm not just talking about family and close friends, but all the amazing people I've met in passing, the ones I've had the pleasure to spend more time with and hear their stories, people I've worked with throughout many jobs, people I've learned from, and anyone I've shared a passing glance with that impacted my life and didn't even realized they had.  I've met some people under wild circumstances- from road trips bringing together a soul family I didn't even know I had, broke down vehicles uniting us with some very kind and helpful friends, and odd jobs giving me the opportunity to meet the most genuine and fun group of people ever.
      After 20,000 miles of new experiences, I can easily say that one of the most important things in this life is connection. To connect with people is to understand perspectives, and to connect through love.  When you connect with people it offers an opportunity to not only learn from them, but also make relationships that could benefit you for a whole lifetime. Throughout all my travels, all the places I've been, and breathtaking adventures I've been on, the stories I tell the most always come back to the people I've met.
 Go out of your way to make friends, and give people the time to tell their stories-
relationships will always be more important  than the materialistic things you have.
Take the time to tell people you appreciate them, you never know when you'll see them again. 

One day we'll get to sit around our own campfire and share stories of the people we've met- from these last 20,000 miles and the next, I've got lots to tell you about :)
Love always,
Your crazy granny J!!

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To My Grandkids, 
​      This week was quite the adventure. Last friday, my best bud from back home flew in to get a taste of mountain life! We haven't seen each other in a year, and haven't been able to actually spend time together in over 2.. When we were in school, we would always make travel plans together, talk about places we wanted to visit, and daydream of hitting the road. Years later, we finally got to!
     As soon as she flew to Montana, we loaded up in the van and hit the road. Lauren had never been anywhere West, so we were booking it to the coast so dip our toes in the ocean. Immediately off the plane, we had a lot of road to cover. We drove through Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and some bonus states to wrap it up. In Oregon, we met up with E on the beach and the two got to meet each other- my people :) 
     Between the beach campfire, the views, the in-van concerts, the make-do showers, frog choir, and running on the beach with our inner child- this week was full of amazing memories and love.
     Getting to see Lauren was such a blessing. We talked a couple times about how different things are. Our lives have taken completely different paths and yet when we meet up again it feels like no time has passed. We laugh, joke, and reminisce as if we hung out yesterday, leaving no time wasted. She truly is one of my soul sisters, always connected at heart no matter where we are or what we are doing.  
     On a relating topic, TIME spent with people you love is the most valuable time spent. Whether they are old friends that grew apart, recent relationships you haven't kept up with, or family thousands of miles away- the time spent talking, laughing, loving, and sharing memories together is always the most valuable thing you could have, and often the easiest to take for granted. Make that call, send the text, or make the drive to close the distance. Whatever it is, spend time wisely, holding on to every second we can get with our loved ones.
It only takes 2 seconds to go better or worse.

One of these days we'll meet and get the time. 
Your traveling tree lover grandma :)

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To My Grandkids,
     So it's.... uh.. 2021..? 
Not sure where the time went honestly, but I've got quite a gap of time to fill you in on eh? It's been 9 months.... 9 MONTHS since I last wrote to you, SURPRISE, I had a ba-.... No no no, don't worry that's not it.
     In these past months, I've been up to a lot. Let's back up... 
 When I got home from my roadtrip, I joined the Montana Conservation Corps doing trail work around here for the rest of summer. I met some of the coolest people I've ever met in my life, and absolutely LOVED the job. After that, I continued to work at the nursing home getting to show love to some amazing elderly, they are so all sweet, and you know it's never a dull moment! I also started a new job at a ski resort where I helped run lifts- the most chill job i've ever had! (Every morning we got to be the first ones on the mountain, getting the lifts ready to run and having our coffee with the sunrise over the valley... Pretty much a dream) I tried snowboarding for the first time which was good.. and then it wasn't... and then it was eventually good again! I broke my collarbone in my first week learning, so that kinda put a block in my activities for a while..  But she never stops, so a month (ish) later I was back up and ready to go, getting back into my yoga practices and gaining strength back. The last week the mountain was open I got back on my board and rode away the season with some 'final hurrah laps', which I LOVED- I will definitely snowboard more next season when I can actually get into it.  Although the pressure of working 2 jobs was pretty stressful, I'm glad I stuck it out for the season!
     While working on the mountain, I made a lot of new friends, some in passing as they hop to other seasonal work, some only briefly crossing paths, and some that will be bonds for a lifetime- all very special connections. I actually met this pretty wild guy who is an adrenaline junkie,  world traveller, videographer, and overall ray of friggin SUNSHINE. We went on a couple mini trips together seeking out some adventure, and well.. now those mini trips have turned into us planning a summer long road trip together- I couldn't be more excited :)
     Right now we're doing some adjustments and building some stuff for the van that will make it easier to travel in. We ripped out the old carpet and put in hardwood, built some (minorly janky) drawers/shelving,  and just making some final tweaks to get all our stuff organized. I've gotta say, the Ole Rosie Mobile is coming together nicely, and still running like a champ- she's just as ready to hit the road as we are.. 
     Only a couple short weeks left until we drive into a new journey,
     tires to the pavement, hand out the window with hair blowing in the wind,
     slightly sunburnt skin and salt in the air. 
     I am ready, I am ready. 
                                              Lots of love always,
                                                       Your crazy hippie granny J :)