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To My Grandkids,
     5 Months, 1900 miles, and many new opportunities later.... 
     Last you heard, I had just moved into a new apartment in Salt Lake City and was settling into a new job at a climbing gym. It was a hard transition for me, and after a few months in the city, I knew I was never meant to live in the midst of higher crime areas, city/air pollution like you wouldn't believe... And where were the trees?
     A new crazy opportunity presented itself so I jumped right on it with no hesitation. A Couple weeks later, I landed in a small town in West Virginia on top of a mountain in my little van. A whole week of driving and passing through familiar grounds to hug some family, and I finally ended up in a new, beautiful, luscious green adventure. It didn't take long for me to love this place. Actually, I loved it before I even parked the van at my home mountain. 
     The first night at our camp, we met our fellow employees, and immediately we all clicked as a family starting this new journey together. I would describe the group as a little bit hillbilly, a dash of crazy, and a whole lotta hippie. Imagine Duck Dynasty meets Woodstock and you've got the right idea.
     After a month of training, we are now on track to being certified as a river raft guide on the New River Gorge. This river is unbelievably beautiful, and even though we've been riding down it twice everyday for the last couple weeks, it never gets old. That's a whole lotta river trips.. I seriously get payed to PLAY on the river and meet new people while doing it! 
       This place has already blessed me with friends I will hold onto for a lifetime, memories, inside jokes, and more laughter and group giggles than ever before. Here's to diving head first into yet another new and uncomfortable thing, chasing excitement and fulfillment in every aspect of  my life, and pushing myself to never settle for anything I am not satisfied with.  
     This is the summer of YES. 
      I am so blessed to live this amazing life.
     I am so blessed to have these opportunities.
     I am so blessed to be as brave as I am to try so many new things.
     I am so blessed.

Oh boy do I have some campfire stories for you kid...
Your Crazy Granny J who lives in a van down by the river.. Literally.

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 To My Grandkids,
     Change, although a beautiful thing, is exhausting sometimes.

    This past month in the new home has been filled with love, friends, laughter, and time shared between E and I. It feels so good to be in our own space- a space where the walls are covered in echoes of late night giggles, or soft jazz humming out from behind the shower curtains. A place snuggled within warm lights and held down by a hot cup of cocoa in the corner where the rocking chair sits. This home is art, painted with intentions of love and growth, a clean canvas now covered with a mosaic of the brightest colors. 
     The physical space is a beautiful representation of my inner realm, however, while my physical space is clean and tidy, my inner space has become jumbled and  shaken. 
     One of the most important things I've learned on my growth journey is to honor the seasons we go through. This means listening to your body, being gentle with yourself, feeling all your feelings, and allowing yourself the time and space you need to sort things out again. I preach and preach to people to pay attention to your personal needs and act accordingly, and yet I still find myself feeling guilty when I don't practice upon my own words. 
     Yes, this chapter is filled with much excitement and new changes flowing in and out of my life, and with that comes a lot of energy spent... So I have been resting. Holding my word in my heart, and only giving when I feel full enough. Enjoying moments, and adjusting to this new flow that my life moves with. Things are different, as am I, and I am allowed to rest and recharge as this season calls me to. I am okay, even if I haven't reached my full potential this week or the last. I am okay, even if I am only just now starting to get back into my practices again after days, weeks, even months for some. A break does not mean I have failed, because I am allowed to take breaks. 
        Some days I have to constantly remind myself that I am okay, and that's alright. I hope you know that it's okay for you, too. You're allowed to FEEL all of your feelings, good or bad. You are allowed to take breaks and tone it down a notch when your body tells you it's time.
You are human, and you are ALLOWED to BE exactly as you are. 
​      I love you exactly as you are. I love you exactly as you have been, and I love you exactly as you will be. 

Someday, kid, when you feel like your cup is only half full- allow yourself to REST. 
Maybe with me, and a cup of hot chocolate, and some fresh baked cinnamon rolls :)

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 To My Grandkids,

     Change is such a beautiful thing. 

     Lately, a lot has changed in my life. I went from living on a Caribbean island to living in the snow-kissed mountains again. The shift was long, and forced me to be patient and stay in the present moment, a practice I had been slacking on prior to the move. 
     When we flew back to the states, I got on a train back to Montana. I've spent the last 2 years of my life traveling now, and although my heart feels called to hundreds of places all over, Montana never fails to be the one place that feels like home. 'Home' to me isn't Missouri where I spent most of my life.. Not at all. Home to me is the place where I blossomed, learned what I truly wanted, learned who I really am, discovered my souls purpose, and took the first steps to living my dream life. Home is where I became me- fully, truly, and unapologetically ME. (and that did NOT happen in MO)
     A week later, I found myself on the road again, driving states away to a place I'd never been. A place where the red mountains glisten in the hot summer sun, and the snow calls to skis and snowboards country wide. This is a place of new discovery, growth and divine BEING. This new place I arrived at, in the mountains of Utah, truly does feel like home. 
     This place is my own. There are no expectations to meet except mine, and so far they have been exceeded. This place I pass through may not be permanent, but for now, my heart fits perfectly in this big city apartment. I am exactly where I am meant to be. The universe never fails to align me through space and time, defying all odds to position me in the place of my best interest, the place of my highest growth, and the place for my highest self to SHINE and THRIVE.  Big things happening here. 

Life. Is. So. Good.       And I am so grateful. 

I cant wait to tell you the secrets these mountains hold, but those stories can wait until we meet in person..
Love always, 
Your ever growing, ever learning, ever LOVING, Nana J :) 

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To My Grandkids,
     Puerto Rico has my heart.

     Currently writing this as I sit in a hostel in Puerto Rico, listening to the birds chirp and the people chatting upstairs. Today has been a fantastic day, let me break it down..
     This morning was an early wake up call, finish packing, and head to the ferry. (in a car with a flat tire haha- island cars are something else..) We ended up being a few hours early for the ferry- still not sure how that happened.. Elliot.. But it turned out good because we got to chill at a coffee shop for breakfast :) When we caught the ferry, It was already a beautiful day- sun shining, breeze in our hair, blue waters surrounding us, and happy smiles from us both being excited about the new journey. When we got off the ferry we ended up sharing a taxi with a couple our age- a 2 hour ride that was sooo divinely wonderful. We talked the entire way about everything under the sun, all it takes it to get out of your comfort zone and say hello and you can make friends that last a lifetime!! We'll definitely stay in touch with them.
     When we got to Old San Juan, we ended up walking to a nearby park to take a bench nap. While sitting there, a sweet sweet lady came up and started chatting with me. She was such a sweetheart, and we talked for a while! When she left, she ended up coming back and buying Elliot and I little keychains with our names engraved on them. SOO nice of her!! We walked the last couple blocks to our hostel, and stuff didn't work out and we couldn't stay there. Pretty stressful, but we took a deep breath and  looked around at where we are- standing amongst beautiful old buildings in Puerto Rico, sun shining, people walking about.. It was too perfect of a day and place to let the situation get us down. Thankfully the hostel we booked for the next night had beds available- so it was fine in the end :)

     Today was a day of connection. It was a day to be present in my life. It was a day of great affirmation that I'm exactly where I am supposed to be. The universe showed me signs in numbers, laughter, music, and even people that she divinely crafted and placed in front of me on a park bench.. The energy today was powerful- no doubt that something greater than me is out there, wonderfully and perfectly crafting my adventures- handmade just for me. I am exactly where I am meant to be in my mindset, my growth, my relationships, my adventures, my struggles, my healing, and my physical space. I am here, I am present. 

I love this life I have been blessed with.
And kid, the most I can hope for you is that you feel the same about your life. This is a gift we've been given. 
Some people aren't able to walk, brush their own teeth, control muscles to smile.. So if you are ALIVE on this planet, no matter what the condition or situation.. You are very very blessed to be here.
Take every single breath as a blessing. 

Life is good, life is good. 
Your barefoot sun-kissed hitch hikin Granny J :)

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Join the Love!!
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To My Grandkids,

     I am so blessed!
     This week at the farm has been pretty chill. As we are nearing the end of our stay, we've been spending more time together with our roommates and sharing stories of the times we've had here.. We usually end up sitting down for lunch together and filling the house with laughter, which is always nice! Right now, we have 5 days left on the farm, and then 5 days to spend on the main island of Puerto Rico!
     Which brings me to the next topic of being SOOO EXCITED to go back home.. I absolutely LOVE living on this island, with only a few things I would change.. But I am just as excited to go home as I was to come here.. Because this time, we'll be coming home to our very own home! Now that it's set in stone I can share that we got an apartment in Utah. Neither one of us have been to Utah, and this will be our first apartment together- lots of excitement for new things there! 
     I've been spending my time daydreaming about decorating our new home, shopping for plates, furniture, curtains.. All the mundane stuff that is boring to most people is what I'm most looking forward to. It's the small things that bring me the most joy, and getting to pick our dishes and towel colors to make our place comfortable and exactly how we want it is something I've never gotten to do before.. (except I did get to decorate the van exactly how I want it but that's a little different)
     We are both ecstatic to make this move- and literally counting down the days until move-in (currently 24!!!!!!!!!). We've been applying for jobs, and making calls to get everything lined up- so it's becoming very real now :)

 I am SO BLESSED to have the experiences I have. 
I am SO BLESSED for these opportunities. 
I am SO BLESSED to have Elliot  as my partner, adventure buddy, and best friend. He is my biggest supporter, and I honestly can't thank him enough for the good times we've had and continue to have together. I am SO BLESSED to get to 'do life' with him :)
We are making big moves together, and I'm excited to see where else the future takes us both as individuals and as partners!

Life is so good.
Love always,
Your life-loving-ever-growing Granny J :)

  • Did you know I have a FREE 5-Day Journal Workshop right here on SunGuided.com?!? ​This course of self-reflective journal prompts will guide you through finding your purpose, cutting away distractions, and setting goals to living your best life!!  
Live Well Journal Course!!
  • Have you heard about my Powerful Women support group?!? This is a group full of women who are on their journey to living their best life. In this group, we are all dedicated to loving ourselves, and meeting our own needs FIRST. This is a safe space to talk about your desires and claim the life you want with women who want to support you and see you THRIVE!
Join the Love!!
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 To My Grandkids,

Whew, these past couple weeks have been awesome!

    This island continues to give us a million cool experiences, she doesn't disappoint! A couple weeks ago we went to a pier on the island to snorkel! It was beautiful, but I remembered a fear of mine.. I've been snorkeling a handful of times around the world now and every time I start out with a bit of a panic attack for some reason.. I get really freaked out by the vastness of the ocean, and the possibilities of creatures below me. I always freak out, and have to get out of the water for a few minutes to quiet the irrational thoughts, and then once I get back in it's much more enjoyable. I saw soo many jellyfish, colorful and reflective fish, amazing coral, starfish, sea urchins, and even swam near a barracuda! Although I didn't stray more than 10 feet from the bank, the rest of the crew dove under the huge pier where it's dark nothingness under you.. Some even saw sea turtles!
     A couple days after, we had a birthday party on the beach to go to, but on  the way we saw a stray pig in a mud bath on the side of the road.. Small backstory, one of our giant pigs at the farm got out of his pen and we were trying find him, so we thought this was him.. We started corralling the pig around trying to get a rope around him, and he ran into the woods. Everyone jumped in the bushes to push him out and I stayed behind for when he ran back out.. Before I could even see where he was, he came SPRINTING out of the bushes RIGHT in front of me.. While they yelled for me to grab him, I took off running and screaming.. I don't know who was screaming louder; me or the pig. (Turns out it wasn't the one we were looking for..) From then on, I was too scared to even help... Days later we found our giant 400 pound pig laying on the side of the road, loaded him up in the car and took him back home.. And it did NOT go as smoothly as it sounds- imagine trying to get a 400  pound pig in the CAR... I'll just let your curiosity take the rest of that story.
  To say that we've had some hilarious stories come from this island is an understatement. It's been an amazing time.. I forgot to mention that we went to a mans house for dinner, and he is a very talented architect.. He designed, and built this 3 story house on the beach, and it is BEAUTIFUL. He is a pretty funny guy- he built a giant 'G' shaped table/bench on top of the building called the 'G spot'.. Gotta admit- it was the perfect spot just like it's name says! 
     Vieques has been amazing, and our time here is slowly coming to the end. We are spending another month here before we go back home.. To our own home.. Which is all I'm gonna say until things are set in stone, but trust me, I'M EXCTIED!!
I am so blessed to be on this journey. 
My heart is so full. 
I have been gifted with this beautiful life, and I will continue to LIVE it the way it was intended to be lived. I am walking my purpose, shining my light, and spreading LOVE every where I go.
LIFE IS SOO GOOD. Thank you.

Love Always,
Your badass make-it-happen Granny J :)

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To My Grandkids,
     Today I woke up feeling pretty damn good.

     Lately, I've been in a mindset of business. This website is super super important to me, and there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes of my blogs, the courses that I offer, the pages I have created, and the support groups I lead. I've been brainstorming a lot about the growth of this page, and I thought it would be nice to share some insight on my vision. 
      For most, this website is just a blog- and perhaps a boring one..? I hope not haha!! To me, this website is my future. I have so much planned in my private journals for where I am taking SunGuided! When I built this website, it was intended only to be a blog and a tool for the online sales company I was working for at the time.. Since then, my vision has changed direction, and I discovered my true passion for creating helpful content on my own platform. 
     To me, the blog is important because someday when my future grandkids are navigating through their life, I want to make sure that no matter what happens between now and then, I will always be able to offer guidance to the youngins that I helped create. For now, I am the generation that is shaping the future, and by the time they read this- the future is theirs. Also, it is a way I can express in the way my soul loves. I love to share my stories, adventures, and growth in a way that is authentic and helpful to others on their journey. It also helps that I LOVE to write and journal :)
     The journal course I created is only the first of many.. Journaling is something that has greatly impacted my mental and spiritual growth, and it's a tool I want to share with others. In the works currently is another free course.. Without giving too much of a spoiler, it will guide you through making a vision board to manifest your dreams! (Coming Soon!) This is what I used to materialize all my desires, travels, relationships, jobs, etc. This is information I have used for 2 years now, and is REAL and effective.
     The 'Powerful Women' group chat I lead is one of the most important things I lead. A couple months ago, I met a stranger who put my broad business vision and turned it into a power statement- one sentence that I continue to work off of today.
     "I am working to be a big-sister-support figure for young women who are on the path to living their best life through self love and going for their dreams.'
     The goal that I'm currently taking a class for is to be a mindset coach so I can make this happen in the most effective, supportive, loving and authentic way possible. My drive comes from first hand experience. Two years ago I was in a very rough position mentally and physically, and through self love I was able to see the storms' lightening as the light I was headed towards. Now, I  am taking those lessons I learned and turning them into guidance for young women need the same support that I did. 

      SunGuided has big things coming for the future. Before long on that front page you will see "Certified Life Coach" in bold letters like a banner waving to the people who need extra love and support emotionally. You will see "Certified Yoga Instructor" in bold to catch the eye of people who want to connect with their body through movement.. And most of all.. You will see SunGuided as the number one rated health and wellness page out there- all about GROWTH here!

I'm loving this. I'm walking in my truth. I am spreading my message. I am touching the lives of everyone who crosses my path. I am so grateful, I am so blessed!!

Love always, 
An Empowered Woman Empowering other Women...
​Your granny J :) 

  • Did you know I have a FREE 5-Day Journal Workshop right here on SunGuided.com?!? ​This course of self-reflective journal prompts will guide you through finding your purpose, cutting away distractions, and setting goals to living your best life!!  
Live Well Journal Course!!
  • Have you heard about my Powerful Women support group?!? This is a group full of women who are on their journey to living their best life. In this group, we are all dedicated to loving ourselves, and meeting our own needs FIRST. This is a safe space to talk about your desires and claim the life you want with women who want to support you and see you THRIVE!
Join the Love!!
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 To My Grandkids,

     Life is an ongoing journey, and so far, my journey has been fantastic!
     Yesterday we took a trip to one of our sister islands- Culebra, Puerto Rico. After a 5:20 am wakeup call and over 3 hours of taxis, and ferry's, we finally made it to the all famous, well known Flamenco Beach! This beach is rated the best in the Caribbean, and among the top 5 most beautiful in the world! She didn't disappoint- those waters were crystal clear, turquoise, and deep dark blue as you went farther in. The sand was pearly white with shells scattered about, and the beach sat in a cove of luscious green hills and blue skies.  
     As soon as we stepped foot on the beach, our jaws dropped and I felt so grateful to be there! We stayed out in the sun all day, jumping in and out of the waves with childlike giggles being passed around the 4 of us. After a couple Pina Coladas on the beach (Did you know those originated from right here in Puerto Rico??) we walked down the beach to see the sunken military tanks right off the coast. They were in tact enough that we climbed up and stood atop what was once a war vehicle- strange feeling for someone who wants nothing but peace and love in this world.. It's better off rusty, broken down and halfway in the ground in my opinion.
     After our time on the beach, it was time catch our ferry's back home. (yes, dos ferry) We made it all the way to the top of the boat on our first ride back and caught the sunset glistening over the ocean. After our second ferry ride we made it back to our island of Vieques.. But not quite home yet.. Since the ferry got in so late, there were no taxies at the port, so we ended up sitting on the side of the road in the middle of this town for about 30 minutes before we could find a ride home. (the downside of not having a car is that we usually walk everywhere on this island..  30 min walk to the beach, an hour walk to get groceries- one way... ) But this would've been about a 2 hour walk at night so it was more worth it to sit with a thumb out for while. Don't have a heart attack mom or dad, we're a strong 4 and can fight off creeps in the night if need be haha!

      Something that has been on my mind lately is embodying my entire message, not just the positive parts. When I post blogs or on social media, sometimes I feel like my life is chalked up to be too glamorous. Don't get me wrong- my life is AMAZING, and I love sharing my highlights with everyone!! However, sometimes I catch myself only posting the highs..
​      In order for me to be REAL with my audience, I wanted to share that I also have personal things that go on that I don't share much about. I still have roadblocks that come up, and doubt towards certain things. I'm still a young woman figuring out my path just like any other, so no, I don't have every little thing figured out! I take pride in my positive mindset that shines through any situation so it doesn't delve into a deeper problem, and having the confidence in myself that my choices are for my highest wellbeing. Although it may seem like free-sailing over here, I am human just like everyone else, and I want to share more of my growth process so it doesn't seem like I'm only sharing the good things. 
     As a Mindset Coach in training, this is something I have learned to be very important when trying to make connections with people and clients. When people only share the highlights, it seems as if we are holding back from sharing the lows so that we seem more respectable or seen as a higher level.. Well for me, I'd rather been seen as trustworthy, relatable, and REAL. So here I am, showing up as my AUTHENTIC SELF from here on out. I am example for the people and friends that I coach- I want them to show up as 100% themselves, so I must start the train by doing it myself. 

All GROWTH baby!!!
This journey is amazing, and it all depends on your mindset.

Love always,
Your self-loving-sunshine-dancing-beach-running Granny J :)

Did you catch what my goal is? I'm currently enrolled in classes to become a certified Mindset Coach! Through my business I will touch the lives everyone around me and show them how they can change their life through learning to love themselves. 
  • Did you know I have a FREE 5-Day Journal Workshop right here on SunGuided.com?!? ​This course of self-reflective journal prompts will guide you through finding your purpose, cutting away distractions, and setting goals to living your best life!! 
Live Well Journal Workshop!
  • Have you heard about my Powerful Women support group?!? This is a group full of women who are on their journey to living their best life. In this group, we are all dedicated to loving ourselves, and meeting our own needs FIRST. This is a safe space to talk about your desires and claim the life you want with women who want to support you and see you THRIVE! 
Join the Love!
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To My Grandkids,

     Just like todays date, this life is a 10/10 so far :)

     This week I've been thinking a lot about the power of my own mind. I have been journaling a lot and taking time to really picture what my best life looks like. (Check out the 'Live Well' page on this website to see what journal prompts I've been up to. They are revolved around self reflection, goal setting, and self love!)  Don't get me wrong, I am already living my best life- but I'm talking about my goals, and what areas I still have growth to do. Through some self reflection, I have realized a couple key things I'd like to share with you. Take what feels right, leave what doesn't!
     One thing that always comes up is 'desire'. The power of desire can be an unstoppable force. Well.. Can be.. If you desire something, there are two outcomes that could happen. You could either look at it and say 'wow, wouldn't that be nice...They are lucky to have that... That's my dream life, but..." and be fine with the fact that you 'can't' or 'won't' have it.. It becomes just another daydream, a whisper in your imagination that won't become tangible.. And with no belief in yourself, it slips away.
     You could have desire and be hooked. Whatever it is that caught your attention- you can't possibly shake the thought of having it, and so... You go for it.  Maybe you write about it in your journal, and when the words come out onto the paper it gives you chills. Throughout your day, it never really leaves your mind. It becomes a thought so strong that it manifests into your actions. You take the tiniest step in the direction of it, and you feel on top of the world, READY for the desire to become tangible. After time, those tiny steps add up and one day you realize you're there, living what was once a thought drifting by, but instead of letting it fly away, you grabbed it and claimed it.
     There's a huge difference there; hope and action. 
Do you believe you deserve it? Your answer here is the separation between the two outcomes. You can want something, but unless you believe in your heart that you are worthy of having it, you may not have any drive to actually reach for it. (which you absolutely are worthy of EVERYTHING you could possible desire and MORE) Aaaannnddd the last thing is drive. You are the one who wants that goal, right? Yea.. That means YOU are the one that has to have the drive for it. Nobody else can accomplish your goals for you, that's why its's YOUR life. They can't take from you and they can't do it for you either... So the decision is yours.
     How bad do you want it? Are you going to hope for it and wait for something to happen, or will you take action and go after it? Up to you my friend.

You have infinite potential.
You have all the strength and power you need to do anything.
Nothing can stop you except your own doubt.
You are in control

Love always, 
your passion-driven, passion-fruit-eating Granny J :)

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To My Grandkids,

Today I inhale greatness, and exhale all things that slow me down or get in my way. 

     Since moving to the island, I've met a ton of lovely people on different journeys. It's such a beautiful thing to talk to people with different mindsets and perspectives, so much opportunity to learn there. Last week, our friend Luis took us to a pier on the beach and showed us around. Luis is one of those people that are so deeply genuine, you can't help but love being around him. While we were swimming around and enjoying the sun, he started to share his story with us. For respect of his personal background, I won't go into detail, but he really poured his heart out. While he was talking, I couldn't help but think that his stories did not match up with the kind of person he is.. His background has a lot of mixed events, highs and lows, and from what I've seen in my short life- it's not often that people turn events like that into such a beautiful, happy, fulfilling life. 
    To top off his sharing, he said (something along the lines of) "I don't have a lot, but I am so happy and thankful for what I have, which makes it feel like plenty." 
     Wow. Do me a favor and read that again. Now do YOURSELF a favor and read that one more time.. Or 600 more times. 
Change your mindset= Change your life.
You can take a person from any situation; homeless, millionaire, unhealthy, health freak, negative upbringing, happy childhood etc etc etc, and they have the potential to live the most beautiful, happy, wonderful life.
It all comes down to your mindset. It doesn't matter who you are, what you look like, your health status or job, dollar amount, or whatever. YOU have the power to make your life into ANYTHING you can possibly think of. The only reason that wouldn't be possible, and I mean the ONLY reason- is if you don't believe in yourself.
     It won't be easy all the time, but it is insanely, wonderfully, divinely POSSIBLE.

     I don't claim to be some super-wise-youngin who has it all figured out... No No No.
But I have control over my mindset, and I know that I have infinite potential to do anything I could ever dream- and  I believe my purpose on this Earth is to help you understand that too. 
This life we live- it's amazing!
Life is so good.

Live huge, love often, explore, be curious, and say YES to being your best self.

Your barefoot tits-out-on-the-beach nana J :)